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The aesthetic is really cool. I love the color palette, and the circling ammo is awesome. I know you're not done yet, but the ethos of this game  is pretty mature. I really hope you keep working on it. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Thank you so much man really appreciated. Ill try and keep working on the game as much as i can! :D

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Well, I liked what you were aiming for, with vibrant colors and the concept of keep shooting to receive less damage. But, I couldn't understand where I was supposed to shoot, as nothing seems to change when I do. I thought, given the "be always shooting, but be careful where to shoot" concept, that there would be places to try to hit. I think that this concept definitely has potential. Also, the music is really nice and fitting!

Oh, and I would suggest to use only keyboard input, as you can't aim with the mouse anyway.

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Hi thanks for playing and leaving me some feedback! :D I know there isn't anywhere to shoot at the moment but ill be sure to add that in in the future :) Great to hear you liked the music :D Hm, yes a keyboard input only would probably be more fitting! :)

Ill try out your game too looks cool :)


The background is pretty, I'm not sure I get what's going on with the foreground circles; are those the "enemies"? I dodged them a lot but later realized they don't hurt me. A timer/score plus a ramping difficulty (perhaps speed) would've made this feel more like a game with minimal effort. ...And maybe have the health not cover so much of the play area, lol. "Bullets" for things that you "shoot" but that can't hit anything doesn't really read well, maybe they're allies or rescues or something.

Ha thanks! :D I know its not very clear what to do and what to dodge etc. I agree a timer or score and a ramping difficulty would be really great, i didnt really have time to implement it but ill do that in the future! :) As mentioned very much in my previous comments the health bar size was a last minute mistake not a design choice, but i hear you and will get to fixing that straight away :D The whole bullets are your enemy aspect was really a last minute call because i realised that i had accidentaly assigned the health to the bullets aswell :P 

Some hard truths can sometimes be needed to really understand what is wrong with the game so i thank you for that :) ill try and check out your game too! πŸ˜€πŸ™


I really like the aesthetic of this game and the concept and story you put around it really add a lot. I think the concept of the mechanics is really good, but I agree with some of the other comments about them not being communicated very well. It sounds like you're pretty aware of the rest of the issues and I'm interested to see a build of this where they are resolved :)

Thank you yeah im really happy with how the aesthetic turned out. ;) Originally i wanted to have a story in the game itself but i didnt have time to really put it in sadly, but im definetly putting it in in the future! :D Yes ill try and communicate better to the player what to do and whats happening, i didnt get to do much playtesting which iv’e learned now is a lot more valuable than i originally thought. :)

Really great to hear you liked the way the game was going and that you’re interested in the future of this project! Ill try to resolve as much of the things people have mentioned as i can and also add a bit more like a story and bosses! πŸ˜ƒπŸ™ Btw ill try your game out i listend to the ost and it sounds beautiful! :D


More story and bosses in the game sound really really awesome! Looking forward to it! And I hope you enjoy my game when you get the chance to play it :)

Hi i played your game and really enjoyed it! I posted a comment too :D


Thank you so so much and thank you for the lovely comment too!! ❀️


Having your ammunition rotate around you is a really cool mechanic, and given a little bit more development time, I think it could result in something really satisfying to play. I could see it going in a bunch of different ways. That said, I don't think there's going to be a really easy way to communicate to the player that they take more damage the more bullets they have. Maybe if it just increased the hitbox so it was riskier and had a global cooldown on how quickly you could get hurt?

I'd love to play it again if you have a bit more time to work on some of the rough edges.

Thank you man really appreciated! :D I like that idea.

Great to hear you'd like to come back to it, ill try and work on it more the following weeks and i might update it after the reviewing period is over!

Ill try and check out your game too! ;)


I adore the aesthetic of the game (I'd definitely make the player and it's projectiles more pixelated though) however the game is really rough around the edges. For one I'd probably make it more clear that getting rid of your bullets makes you take less damage. Speaking of damage, the health bar is way too big. Lastly it be nice if you could actually attack, that would leave the player with a lot of moments where they have to. quickly dispose of their bullets on the enemies so they can rest a little.

Ha thank you! ;D In unity i had it in 128x224 which was probably what gave the player and enemies a pixelated effect, but when i put it over here i had to scale it up alot because 128x224 turned out to be very small in the browser :P In the future ill actually make the player and enemies into painted sprites, at the moment they're just 3d objects from a 2d view. Ill definetly add in a tutorial section in the future so you understand the mechanics. As mentioned alot previously im aware the health bar is too big this was a mistake i made last minute, also  i know you cant kill the enemies that was also something id didnt have time to implement last minute :D

Thanks again for checking out my game (or well its actually more of a demo i guess) and giving me some feedback. :)

Looks like you made a game for the jam too ill make sure to check it out!


This is a nice little game especially for it not being finished. Thanks for making it!


Haha, thank you so much! Feels really good to hear :D

I've seen your game on the discord server alot, looks cool ill make sure check it out! :)


ah thanks :)


You have some interesting ideas for this game, and it would be cool to see them fully implemented, like being penalized for bullet collisions. If you continue working on this in the future, you might want to move the health bar, and maybe shrink it. I found myself hiding behind it too much, where I was blind to attacks.

Thank you for commenting and playing my game! :D Im really excited for the future of this project i think it can really turn out great :) I know the Health Bar is too big i accidentally set it to the wrong size last minute and ended up with this, so don't worry its not a design choice :P

Glad to hear you liked the game though ill definitely check your game out have seen it around a lot and am very interested in it :D


I really like the aesthetic.  After reading the instructions and dying once, it quickly became so easy that I was wondering whether I was progressing or not by just always dodging.  You could take it in a few directions; it looks like others have mentioned destroying enemies.  You could also/alternatively ramp up the difficulty of dodging and make it a "how long can you survive?" objective, with a timer or wave count, possibly with slowly increasing difficulty.  There could also/alternatively be points for hitting targets, or something like that.  I like the way the player bullets come off the player, so it'd be a shame to lose that completely.  I hope you have fun trying out new mechanics in your future endeavours, whether it be expanding on this game, or making something else. :)

Hi thanks alot for playing and leaving me some feedback! I know the game is really easy at the moment and there isnt much in the way of progression currently, although there should be a system that makes the enemies spawn faster and faster but i haven't experienced that yet so it might not be working. So u mean kinda like a bullet hell game where you cant shoot and the enemies are getting ever and ever harder to beat? I like that idea! :D Although as you mentioned it would be sad to lose the shooting :P My initial thought for the game was that this was gonna be something like a "survive for this long" and then you would meet a boss. I might still add in bosses because i've got some cool ideas for them. Anyways now im rambling, a timer or points i really think would incourage people to continue playing along with the difficulty getting higher and higher the longer you survive, so yeah ill definetly try this out :)

Thank you for the feedback and positive words at the end, this is what motivates me to continue making games :D

(Ill check out your game too looks interesting)


It is a good start, and there are a few things I'd like to add to the comments below. First, to make things more consistent, player has to gain damage from the enemy bodies as well (in this game pink could mean friendly, blue - unfriendly). Next, I think the background is moving too fast, as it is behind and farther away from the camera, it has to move much slower (in contrast to enemy ships). Also, the white dot in the center of the player makes it less obvious it is a buffer sign, so you may want to find a workaround. I'd enjoy playing more of this game in the future!

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Hi thank you for the feedback I'm really grateful for it! I really like the idea of clearly defining whats evil and friendly with colors as you said. Also i agree the enemies themselves should definitely hurt the player, not only the bullets. I actually never thought about the background scroll that much so thank you for bringing this to my attention :D Im not really sure how to work around the dot in the middle i mean you need to see where you are at after firing all the bullets so if you might have any ideas on that that would be great :P

Finally I'm really thankful for you playing trough the game and leaving feedback, especially when its not the same feedback thats allready been said! :)

I tried your game too, really cool and very hard :D


The first thing to acknowledge is that this itch page's styling is perfectly suited to your game's visuals. Nice touch. :D I also just love the pink/cyan color scheme in general.

The title screen music feels like disorientation or unease. Very neat. The bass-riffy main game music also suits the action.

I didn't really feel like my attacks were doing anything. I didn't read the description until afterwards, so I wasn't aware what the meter in the middle of the screen was: my health, or the enemies'. Having the player's bullets colliding with enemy bullets cause damage is an odd choice, but I think it has the potential to be interesting!

I can't say much else in fairness about a game that is admittedly incomplete, but what you managed to put together here is good and shows a lot of promise. Given more time, I bet you could really flesh out the unique ideas here.

Hi wow thank you so so much! :D Yeah i really liked how the page turned out! I found that sticking to a simple color scheme that works together is really effective :) Great to hear you liked the music too ;)

Yeah i didn't have time to implement the enemies getting hit, my prioritizing for this jam was pretty poor and I've definitely learnt from that. A tutorial section would probably solve this. As mentioned in one of my previous answers the "the bullets are you're enemy" i came up with really last minute but if you think it has potential i might try and explore that aspect a bit more :D

Wow man again thank you for all the feedback, ill try and check your game out too when i have the chance! ;D


It should be in the rotation of daily Coolness Pact or whatever it's called, but if you want to check it out sooner:

I played it and have left a comment! Really liked it :)

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Interesting concept, but still has some problems: The health bar is way too big, the player dot seems to move for a bit after I let go of the movement buttons (seems to be for as long as I held them down), and the enemies can't be damaged. But this could be interesting if polished and fleshed out. :o

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Thanks for commenting! :D I agree the movement could really be improved while playing i noticed the same thing that you are talking about! The rest i think i've allready covered in my previous comments.

Really feels good to know that someones believes in your project :)

Btw i played your game, really cool i liked it :)


Since you say is not finished is hard to give feeddback because i think most of the stuff you already know, but here it goes:

  • Health bar is too big and too centered, it could be very tiny, or better, your remaining shots could be your health bar, so you don't have to have UI.
  • Enemies should die when they receive shoots, or at least be pushed/react since right now it feels weird that nothing you do seems to have an impact.
  • You should have feedback when you receive damage, and the enemies too (flashing, particles, shake...)
  • More randomized enemies (position and patterns)

I think the base idea is really cool (have a limited number of bullets) and i think it could be worked to be awesome. Some ideas I had while playing

  • What if the bullets are also like a shield, so if you receive damage while you have bullets in you, you lose a bullet, but if you receive damage without bullets, you lose. This would change the "bullets are evil" mechanic but It could be cool, dunno
  • What if if you hit an enemy the bullet recharges faster than if you miss? Then players should be careful and aim better if they want to reload faster.

The art direction is very cool, liked it a lot.

Wow thats alot of feedback! Thank you so much! :D

  1. Yeah the healthbar i set to the wrong size so im aware its too big :P
  2. I tried to implement a destroy function when the enemies got hit but that was like last minute so i was forced to export it without it so id be able to submit in time, next time ill learn to prioritize a little bit better :D
  3. As you might have seen in my previous reply i didn't really have time to make the patterns very diverse, but ill definitely try and make a broader assortment of enemies!

  1. I really like this idea! :D Yeah the bullets are evil thingy i actually came up with in last minute because right after i had exported it i realized that i had accidentally assigned the health to the bullets too so i don't really mind losing that aspect :)
  2. Thats really cleaver! :)

Finally thank you again, it's really awesome when people leave this much feedback becuase it helps ALOT! :D

I played your submission too! Really great game man :D


I don't really get what the point of this game is. In my experience, there is no reason to shoot ever (shots don't seem to do anything but hurt yourself occasionally). Besides that, the enemy patterns are so predictable and repetitive that it gets boring fast.

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Hi thank you for leaving constructive crtitsism its really great because this helps me understand what would benefit the game. Im aware the shooting is quite pointless at the moment. In the future ill make so that the Enemy drops health or something like that! Also ill try and make the patterns more unpredictable! I didnt really have time to make them very diverse in the time that i had πŸ˜€πŸ™

Btw i played your game and i thought it was really awesome! :)


Solid response mate.


I love the aesthetics, and the game is pretty fun! The rotating ammo is interesting. It's a little hard for me to tell what I can/can't touch and what i can/can't shoot, but other than that I enjoyed it a lot!

Hi thank you so much for trying the game and giving me some feedback, great to hear you liked it! Yeah, ill try and make the visual feedback better and make it so that you can actually shoot stuffs πŸ˜πŸ™


You have a nice Idea here! I would add a score, and maybe It would be cool to get health by shooting the bullets to hard targets, the player would have more room to risk and improve. Thanks for the game!


Hi thank you so much for trying the game and giving some feedback! Yeah i really think a something like a score system or a timer and some loot for killing an enemy would benefit the game! Ill try and continue work on the game and flesh it out a bit more πŸ˜€πŸ™